Maria Krüger is a 30-year-old woman from Germany who loves sci-fi and fantasy. She also enjoys being creative, so it’s no surprise that when her and her boyfriend decided to move in together, she wanted to do something extra special for the bedroom in their new flat. And, like so many of us, Maria found the key to her DIY inspiration at everyone’s favorite store: IKEA.

To see what she ended up creating with a bit of paint and imagination, keep reading!

The thing that got Maria’s creative gears turning was this PS 2014 Lamp from IKEA. It has a white exterior and a copper interior. And the moment she laid eyes on it, Maria knew what she wanted to do!

So, she purchased the lamp and a can of light grey spray paint.

She covered each piece (white side up) with the grey paint and then assembled the lamp according to the instructions.

But what did she do next?

Maria then used painter’s tape to create an intricate design all over the lamp. An X-Acto knife and cutting mat came in handy here!

Once the pattern was set to her liking, she covered the entire lamp in a darker shade of grey paint.

She also used a fine paintbrush to create more intricate details.

What else did she do?!

YouTube | Csaba Krivács

Before the dark grey paint dried, Maria pulled off the tape, revealing her perfect Death Star design!

Once everything had a chance to dry completely, the Death Star lamp was hung above Maria’s bed for her and her boyfriend to enjoy!

To see her DIYed creation in action, check out her video below.

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