One thing can be said for sure: men are both completely fascinated by women’s bodies and completely ignorant about them.

As a dude, I tried my hardest to pay attention in sex education, and I’ll admit, I don’t know everything there is to know about a woman’s reproductive system. BUT I feel like I at least know the basics — the baby grows in the stomach, right? …jk.

Some guys, other than knowing that a baby comes from a woman’s body, don’t know a dang thang and I wanted to know once and for all how widespread this ignorance is.

We took to the internet to ask people the shadiest thing they’ve ever heard a grown man say about how a woman’s body works, and I’ve finally lost all hope in humanity.

1. Let’s start out with a doozy.

This man is definitely showing that he cannot sympathize at all with what a woman goes through on her period.

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2. You’d think a man would know more about something they think so much about.

Yes, there is a global female conspiracy promoting the use of tampons for pleasure… and not a singlewoman has cracked and spilled the beans. *rolls eyes*

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3. OK, let’s turn the cringe up a notch.

This man’s ignorance is literally costing him his relationship.

4. LOL. It’s kinda sweet that he wanted her to be careful, though, right?

This man has a lot to learn…

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