In doctor jokes, it’s common for patients to say, “I want a second opinion” when they get some bad news. Yet, in some cases, it can be prudent or even life-saving to see what other doctors think about your condition. Diseases don’t always show the most obvious signs and even doctors can be thrown off by strange symptoms. Sadly, this kind of confusion is one of the reasons why the third most common cause of death in America is medical error.

However, it’s usually not bad news that should have you asking for a second opinion. The real time to start worrying can be when the news doesn’t seem bad enough.

At least that’s the trial 18-year-old Nadia Hobbs went through when her mysterious pains turned out to be more serious than she thought.

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Hobbs’ troubles began with a pain in her jaw.

Taking her age into account, she assumed that she was only feeling her wisdom teeth growing in.

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When she tried to massage her sore jaw, she found something odd.

She found a pea-sized lump on her jawline but wasn’t too worried at first due to its size.

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However, her mother felt differently.

So Hobbs went to her doctor and her dentist, but neither of them could figure out what was going on. She underwent blood tests for mumps and glandular fever and neither of those revealed anything.

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Through all the confusion, the lump kept growing larger.

Eventually, it was so painful that Hobbs couldn’t smile anymore and her mom rushed her to the emergency room.