There’s nothing kids love more than a Happy Meal. While it’s good for everyone to have treats now and then, it’s important to treat fast food and junk foods as the treats that they are, and not as everyday nutrition. After seeing what some of his students were eating for lunch every day, and exasperated English teacher called out parents for their packed lunches.

Head teacher Jon Carthy, who works at Byron Primary School, sounded the alarm with a newsletter sent home with students.

“We have 525 children at the school and every single child took that letter home and it has been posted on the website.”

It’s all because of a worrying trend that’s popped up at the school in recent months.

While many students had properly balanced lunches, including fresh fruit and veggies, healthy carbs and protein, some had lunches that were worryingly unhealthy.


Carthy pointed out that some kids are eating lunches that consist of chips, candy, and little else.

These lunches were photographed for posterity.


Here we see a lunch consisting of two kinds of chocolate candy, a chocolate muffin, and nothing else.

But it was just the tip of the iceberg…