As of late, politicians have felt more willingness to be open about being homosexual. To some, this may seem like a trivial issue, but living openly as a gay politician puts you in a position to be criticized or even harassed by the general public to a greater extent than some other roles.

One openly gay politician, Brian Sims of Philadelphia’s 182nd District, is causing quite the stir online after he himself was made a target by a homophobic online troll. After he did a little research on this sorry individual, he laid such an intense smackdown on him that it has now gone viral. You have to read this for yourself…

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Brian Sims has been taking the Philadelphia political scene by storm as of late. People absolutely love this guy.

Brian, who is a Democrat representing Philadelphia’s 182nd District, also happens to be openly gay. Unfortunately, being an openly gay politician has resulted in Brian receiving hateful comments.

Facebook | Brian Sims

Brian recently posted to his Facebook page showing a despicable message that he received from a random man.

In this message, the man called him a name that included both a slur for African Americans and gay people. You can fill in the blanks on this one…

Facebook | Brian Sims

Disgusting, right? Let’s just say Brian took the time to get this fella back for what he wrote.

Here’s Brian’s golden response to this loser.

Brian realized that this man had posted his grandmother’s phone number on his Facebook page, and decided to fill her in on what he said to Brian.

Facebook | Brian Sims

No matter what side of the aisle you land, you have to admit that Brian was pleasantly savage in this situation.

Tumblr | sydneybissessar

Isn’t Brian’s facial expression just perfect for that reply, too?

Facebook | Brian Sims

Don’t you just wish you could have been a fly on the wall for that conversation?

Brian’s post blew up at that point and the responses from people were brilliant.

After posting this interaction to his Facebook page, people couldn’t quite believe it.

But Brian assured them that it was true.

Facebook | Jordan Ashley Preiser

People simply loved Brian’s assertive reply and he even took the time to reply to his supporters!

Facebook | Paul Katami

I mean, this really isn’t a surprise, the guy is out on the street with his supporters quite often.

Facebook | Brian Sims

People from far and wide were stunned, but in a good way.

The conversation began to get a little deeper, though.

Facebook | Alexandra ErinFacebook | Rob Shwetz

Others brought up that they were impressed that someone who grew up in a different social context (David’s grandmother) would understand Brian’s perspective.

Times change and belief systems change! That’s something to be happy about for sure.

Facebook | Pete Bohan

Also, people pointed out that when a grandparent scolds you or disapproves of you in any way, it especially hurts.

VerywellGetty Images

Daniel Burt wrote “That was a very clever and classy response, Brian. There’s nothing quite like being told off by a grandparent for irresponsible (or vile) behaviour.”

Facebook | Daniel Burt

What do you think about Brian’s bold move to contact the man’s grandmother?

Facebook | Brian Sims
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