There are a ton of life lessons that parents have to teach their children before they become an adult. Learning how to treat other people kindly is a major one, but sometimes the most important lessons deal with staying safe. Many parents teach their children the concept “stranger danger,” but a Utah mother taught her children a different concept that may have saved their lives.
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Most parents talk to their children at some point about the importance of being wary of strangers.

After all, when they get to a certain age, it’s impossible to be with them every moment.

Meet Jodie Norton, a writer and mother from Utah who is very thankful that she taught her children the potential danger of strangers in public.

The story she tells in her blog Time Well Spent has gotten some major attention online because of a scary incident that happened one day when she had to go to the emergency room with her children.

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After waking up with intense abdominal pains that ended up being a ruptured ovarian cyst, she had to quickly pack up her eight- and ten-year-old sons with her to the emergency room.

She had no other choice.

As she went into the ER, she left her two sons out front because she was under the impression that her neighbor would be able to pick them up minutes later to take them to school.

“I had wrongly assumed my neighbor was coming from his house (not somewhere farther away), so my two boys sat out front of the ER for 40 minutes. Not the five minutes I had expected,” said Jodie. This is when things started to get troubling…