Step inside the mind of Brian Pollett, a graphic designer who created a gallery of psychedelic paintings that will dazzle your imagination. This artist created 20 different illustrations that are all radically different from each other but still carry his signature flare and form. Let these colorful portraits hypnotize you as you witness this artist create a truly original creative vision. It is incredible to see how vastly diverse each design and color pattern is.

Prepare to open your mind to a whole world of art unlike anything you have seen before. It will take your breath away!

1. Butylone

There is the old saying about how art touches people’s hearts and minds, but this painting looks like they are one and the same. This artist truly put all the love in his heart into this piece. Watch a video showing how the artist created this piece here.

PsyBryBrian Pollett

2. G.H.B.

This piece looks like Pollett tried to paint every cell in the subject — the light of inspiration bursts through the center of them. Take a look at how the artist built this work of art piece-by-piece here.

PsyBryBrian Pollett

3. Codeine

The metallic spiral within the face seems to symbolize the world we each create within our own minds. Watch how the artist brought this piece to life here.

PsyBryBrian Pollett

4. T.H.C.

Everything in this piece seems to be exploding with radiantly vibrant energy. Bonus points for creating a “mind’s eye” in the middle of the subject’s head. This video will show you that the closer you look at this piece, the more there is to see.