A pretty widely understood concept about women’s fashion is the basic legging. They’re comfortable and convenient, and they define your entire way of living.

It may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true. As soon as you rock leggings more often than any other item of clothing, you’ve made it. You’re welcomed into the club of those who would rather sleep than Netflix and chill. You are part of the circle of women who believe in comfort over beauty and who have mastered the art of being lazy but looking productive.

We’re proud of you, we commend you, and we are so here for you.

1. Color basically doesn’t exist in your wardrobe.

Your shopping excursions typically involve you insisting you’ll buy a “colorful top” and then you come home with three black sweaters.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

2. You’re fully aware of how you look in sweatpants, and you still own it.

Let’s see what those Instagram models look like after wearing the same thing and not showering for three solid days. Then you can talk to me.

3. You understand that leggings are good for your health.

Go ahead, try to fight me in jeans. I think we all know how that’ll go.

4. Being in the exclusive legging club means you understand the never-ending collection that shows no signs of stopping.

It also means that you know which pairs are the warmest, comfiest, thinnest, and stretchiest. It’s an art.

You also know that you will never part with any of them. Even the ones that you can clearly see your underwear through because they are basically your family now.

5. You are perfectly happy spending your Friday nights binge-watching a good or even mediocre Netflix show.

You know what? Even a terrible Netflix show is fine with you. As long as you have food and your comfortable onesie.