Moms are awesome because they care so much that it gets to the point where it’s comical and they’re usually unintentionally funny. It’s as though they were cool and normal human beings up until they had kids, then some sort of switch flipped and they turned into the hilariously lame person that comes with the territory of being a caring, adorable parent.

And what’s even better is that no matter how hard they try, they can never revert back to being cool, and when they do try, it just looks like they’re having a midlife crisis of some sort.

Case in point:

These moms will surely remind you of your own. Check it out:

1. She said “damn” in front of Santa. This is what happened:

2. When you think they got something right in the world of technology, they prove you wrong almost immediately:

imgurreddit | u/zacch

3. When they find out about something “new”, they use it like it’s going out of style:

imgur | coasterfan8