Cheryl Walsh is an award-winning underwater photographer who uses surreal imagery to create scenes that look like they’re straight out of a fairytale. While underwater photography is a complicated task to execute, Walsh finds that it helps unleash her creativity and artistic vision. There is a peace she finds working in the water with the models, and instead of complicated sets and lighting, all she needs is her camera. The water helps add a natural movement to the finished pieces and brings out the costume’s colors. Take a look at these stunning works of art for yourself!

1. Queen Catrina

This costume is inspired by traditional Day of the Dead celebrations.

Instagram | @cherylwalshfineart

2. Whitetail

This photo reminds me of Alice falling through the rabbit hole.

Instagram | @cherylwalshfineart

3. A royal portrait

This model looks like a French queen posing for her portrait.

Instagram | @cherylwalshfineart

4. Couture mermaid

This interpretation of a “couture” mermaid varies in style from Walsh’s other mermaid photos, but it still has the same dreamy effect.

Instagram | @cherylwalshfineart

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