Have you ever wondered what your favorite child stars look like now? I know I have. Although some child actresses never stepped away from the acting spotlight, others took decidedly long breaks from stardom or took completely different career paths. It’s easy to lose track of young celebrities, especially when they’re known for the roles they played as children. Fortunately for you curious former fans out there, I decided to compile a list of child stars who definitely grew out of their awkward phases.

From Harry Potter preteens to our favorite ’90s shows, this list will take you on a serious trip down memory lane. The ladies on this list have grown into mature, classy, and absolutely stunning young women. Ready for my own edition of “Where Are They Now?” Keep scrolling for a list of 12 child stars who grew up to slay the beauty scene.

1. Dakota Fanning

The blonde beauty has come a long way since her breaking role in I Am Sam at only age seven! Dakota was a cutie patootie back then and is a seriously stunning young woman now!

Iris | Getty ImagesMatt Winkelmeyer | Getty Images

2. Bonnie Wright

Little Ginny Weasley isn’t so little anymore! The red-haired actress has matured into a classic beauty who can totally pull off a bright red lip.

Jim Spellman | Getty ImagesStuart C. Wilson | Getty Images

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley’s transformation from her Hannah Montana days is seriously shocking. The cute, innocent child star is now one of the edgiest, most unapologetic style icons out there.

David Livingston | Getty ImagesKevin Mazur | Getty Images

4. Victoria Justice

Remember Lola from Zoey 101? Well, the preteen with the killer style has grown into a gorgeous, fashionable young lady! I think Victoria Justice bears a striking similarity to Kendall Jenner here…

Frazer Harrison | Getty ImagesJon Kopaloff | Getty Images